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Commercial Window Tinting
Today's buildings utilize more glass than ever before. The trend toward open floor plans, high ceilings and extensive use of glass has become the preferred standard. However, glass windows are notorious energy wasters, making building owners and managers increasingly concerned about excessive glare, heat build-up and higher energy costs.

Solar Gard Window Films provide comfort and reduce glare.  The product is installed directly to the interior side of the glass. It helps correct temperature imbalances between sunny and shady areas and it deflects harsh, uncomfortable glare reducing eye strain that is common while doing paperwork or viewing computer screens. Employees are more comfortable and more productive!

Residential Window Tinting
Panorama Window Films protect from sun fade. Over time, the rays of the sun fade whatever is in their path, but professionally installed window film blocks out 99.9% of the damaging ultraviolet rays that ordinary windows allow in. That means that draperies, wood furniture, upholstery and carpeting will last longer.

Our window films reflect the hot sun and keep you comfortable all year round. They also deflect annoying glare while reading or watching television.

A durable, scratch-resistant coating, our film can be cleaned with most everyday household window cleaners.

Automotive Window Tinting
Solar Gard automotive window films are engineered to enhance your vehicle's appearance, provide the performance you demand, and protect your investment. Known for their quality, color stability, and patented scratch-resistant coating, they are durable and virtually maintenance free.

Heat & Glare Control
Uncomfortable heat, distracting glare, and faded interiors can ruin any road trip. Solar Gard film will keep your car's interior cool and comfortable.

Windscreen & Windshield Tinting
A cooler interior starts at your windscreen! These technologically advanced films offer extraordinary level of protection from infrared and ultraviolet rays.

Paint Protection - Take Care of Your Paint
At highway speeds, any small flying object can easily become a permanent part of your car's finish. Preserve your vehicle's good looks without changing its appearance.

Personal Protection - Protect What Matters Most
Our films hold shattered glass in place - reducing the likelihood of personal injury in an accident and deterring smash and grab theft.

Storefront Vinyl

Vinyl Car Wrappings

Vehicle Vinyl

Vinyl Graphics



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